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Apostille - What you need to know.

Canada has now joined the Hague Apostille Convention

This means we no longer follow the Authentication and Legalization process.

This also means you can get the documents taken care of by yourself. You still have them Notarized with but after the appointment you can have them Apostilled by yourself.

This is great news and will save you a lot of money!

Here is a copy of an email we received from the US Consulate detailing the process:

"Good afternoon, 

Thank you for your email, we no longer have any notaries on file. Consular posts in the U.S. Mission to Canada no longer provide Authentication/Legalization Services.  Since January 11, 2024, the Government of Canada joined the Hague Apostille Convention to give Canadians a cost-effective, streamlined method for getting their Canadian public documents accepted abroad. For additional information on the apostille process in Canada please visit the Global Affairs Canada website



American Citizen Services Unit

U.S. Consulate General

Calgary, Alberta, Canada"


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