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What is Authentication / Legalization of documents?


Even if you have had your documents attested before a Notary Public in Alberta they are not usually acceptable in other countries without a Certificate of Authentication. An official of the Deputy Provincial Secretary's Office signs the certificate authenticating the appointment, the signature and the seal of the Notary Public. A Certificate of Authentication may only be issued by the Deputy Provincial Secretary's Office, who holds the official records of Notaries Public of the Province of Alberta, including records of their signatures and seals.

Once this process is completed they will normally meet the requirements of the receiving country.

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Can a Calgary Notary Public Apostille Documents?


No. Canada is not a signatory to the international treaty that allows for the apostilling of documents. The Canadian alternative to apostilling documents is to have the notary public's seal and signature authenticated and then legalized by the foreign consulate. Please see the answer above for more information.

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What is a Statutory Declaration?


A statutory declaration is a written statement of facts which you as the "declarant" solemnly states to be true. A statutory declaration is not sworn; rather it is affirmed or declared to be true and can be witnessed by a Calgary Mobile Notary.

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What is an Affidavit?


An affidavit is a document containing a statement that you as the "deponent" swear to be true to the best of your knowledge. The Calgary Mobile Notary can then sign as confirmation that the oath or affirmation was properly administered and that the deponent signed the document..

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What is a Permanent Resident Card?


A Permanent Resident Card is a status document that provides the holder with secure proof of their permanent resident status when re-entering Canada following international travel. It is required by people who have completed the Canadian immigration process and have obtained permanent resident status, but are not Canadian citizens.


For more information about the Permanent Resident Card and the application process please visit the Canadian federal government at:

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How do I find you?


We are a Law Office with plenty of free parking located just 1 minute from Deerfoot Trail. Our address is Suite 102, 10820 24th Street S.E. Calgary, AB T2Z 4C9

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